These amethyst shards are the product of larger amethyst extractions. What’s left behind are these gorgeous, glassy and deep purple shards. 


We find them to be great additions to our potted plants, home accents, pendants and more!


Weight: 30 grams or greater. 1 ounce.


Length: each shard varies in length between 3”-3.75”, 75m-95mm.


Remember that these are shards and will have minor chips, even the points. However, they will have no fractures that risk breaking the shard to pieces.

We will thoughtfully select and inspect each shard for your order.



We ship every week Monday- Wednesday (excluding holidays) for orders placed the previous week ending Sunday evening. Example: An order placed on Tuesday will ship the following Monday (6 days). An order placed on Sunday will ship the following Monday- Wednesday (1-3 days).


Once your order has shipped you will receive a USPS tracking number. Your package will typically arrive within 2-3 business days from shipment. 


***************Damaged/Unsatisfactory/Lost Packages***************


Shipping live plants is tricky business!


If there are any issues with the condition of your succulents, please contact us immediately to correct the issue. We will gladly replace or refund any damaged or unsatisfactory product.

Please notify us if your package has taken longer than 3 days to arrive. While delays are not too common, they sometimes happen for unexplained reasons.  Most delays are resolved within 1-2 days without issue.  

Amethyst Shards

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