The perfect home for your succulents!


This DIY kit includes one glazed pot, soil and rock topper to finish your succulent garden.


Plants sold separately.


These 3” glazed pots are ideal for a few 2” plants, cuttings or round 2.5” pots that fit like a glove. 

All pots have drainage. Five colors available.


You will also receive our premium soil mix, enough to fill your pot, and your choice of a fine white or black rock topper.


Dimensions: 2.75” inner diameter, 2.7” height


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Succulent Care FAQ

How often do I water my succulent? 

A succulent grown outdoors with adequate sunlight and ventilation may take water as often as every 5-10 days. Indoor succulents are typically watered less, as infrequently as 1-2 times per month.
How often you water your succulent will depend on light exposure, temperature, ventilation, container size and more. These are all factors that affect the moisture of the soil. You should inspect your succulent’s soil visually, by touch or by weight 5-10 days after a thorough watering. If little to no moisture can be detected in the soil, it is ready to be watered. Don’t be afraid to wait extra days or even weeks in some cases. Succulents are designed by nature for long periods of dryness. A dry succulent can become lush again. An overwatered succulent will die!

How do I water my succulent?

For containers with drainage and not oversized, douse your succulent several times (under the sink for example) until the soil is thoroughly moist and water begins to drip from the bottom. Let excess water drain. Do not leave your succulent sitting in water.
For containers without drainage be careful not to fully saturate the soil, especially if the container is significantly larger than the plant. Give your succulent just enough water around the base of the plant so that moisture will reach the roots.
Containers with drainage are recommended but not mandatory. Be creative!

Do I need to transplant my succulent?

There is no rush to do so. A smaller container will limit the growth of the succulent but will not do any harm.

What kind of soil should I use?

Succulents prefer a light, quick drying soil. Most any garden store will offer a mix specifically for succulents and cactus.

What kind of light do succulents require?

Succulents require natural light for vibrant color and compact leaf growth. Direct morning sun, semi shady or bright indirect sunlight is optimal. However, succulents are versatile and can acclimate to most light exposures. A succulent with inadequate light may become pale, stretched and brittle. Monitor your succulent’s growth and experiment with different lighting for your desired look.


DIY Succulent Garden, Glazed Pots with Soil and Rock Topper

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